Thunder Bay Bike Polo

Yo! We've been playing bike polo in Thunder Bay since 2010 so why haven't you joined us yet?? We play at Frank Charry Park (901 Pacific Avenue) during the summer months and in the old Hillcrest High School during the winter.

We're always looking for new players and we welcome all skill levels to come and try it out! There's no cost to play in the summer and all you need is a bicycle and helmet. We provide the mallets & high fives.

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Winter Polo - Join the Facebook group or follow us on twitter for our winter schedule.

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Who Can Play?

Anyone. If you can ride a bike with one hand, you can play bike polo. It’s an all-inclusive sport; age and gender do not matter. Our players make up a pretty even split of females /males and the average age is probably somewhere in the late 20’s to early 30’s but ranges from 16-40.

When & Where?


We play pick-up games (almost) every Sunday 2-5pm during the summer at Frank Charry Park in the East End.
Check the Facebook group to see the current schedule.


Currently looking for a new indoor space.


Basically, you just need a bike and helmet to get started. You can use whatever kind of bike you want and you don’t have to make any modifications if you don’t want to. Some people play on bmx and others play on old cruisers. It doesn’t matter because it’s fun no matter what you play on. Just come out and play. You can worry about building a polo specific bike later.

We have spare mallets for you to use. Some people wear hockey helmets with a cage to protect their beauty, some wear knee and elbow pads. Some of us have no sense whatsoever, just wear a helmet and cry like babies when we fall.

Live fast die young

This is Hardcourt Mr.Do Video

"Rob Burrough plays like a hired goon." - Kristian Hodgins
Thunder Bay Bike Polo


Thunder Bay Bike Polo


Thunder Bay Bike Polo


Thunder Bay Bike Polo



Our annual tournament, Slay the Bay, is held at the end of the summer and is open to all skill levels. In the past we've had players from Minneapolis, Winnipeg and Kitchener travel to Thunder Bay to play. We also have a couple local tournaments every year where we focus on pairing rookies with more experienced players.

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Petrie's Cycle & Sports

Petrie's Cycle & Sports

Petrie's Cycle & Sports, our go-to shop for bikes, components & repairs, has been supporting TBBP and sponsoring our tournaments since the beginning. Get your Paul Components, Surly & Y-Not gear here.

Good Head Bike Polo Mallet Heads

Good Head

Made in Winnipeg but just as much a part of the Thunder Bay bike polo scene as their hometown, Good Head has been supporting TBBP since they've been around.

Knife Fight Press screenprinting

Knife Fight Press

Thunder Bay screenprinting. Specials & low quantities available for bike polo team shirts. Shirts, buttons, banners: you need it printed, they got you covered. Shipping available throughout Canada and the US.

Community Spokes Bicycle Co-Op

Community Spokes

Thunder Bay's only bike co-op. When we're not playing polo, you can usually find a couple of us at Community Spokes (located in the LU Bike Shack) working on our bikes.